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九年级第二十二单元 -英语教案

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科目 英语
年级 初三
文件 middle3 unit22.doc
章节 第二十二单元
A till, trouble, nurse, match,
headache, cough, serious, terrible, terribly, seem, pill,
common, pain
B by then catch a cold ever since…
come along feel well stay in bed
lie down take one’s temperature catch a bit of cold
keep sb away from… be sure of… get well
be on TV be over take this medicine
feel like doing sth these days seem to be all right
have got a headache ( a cough, a pain…) seem terribly ill
feel terrible/tired nothing serious
A.现在完成时(4) : 动词的现在完成时不能和表示过去的时间状语连用.
如: We have worked in this school ten years ago. (wrong)
We have worked in this school since ten years ago. (right)
4) 动词不定式可以和疑问词连用:
如: I don’t know where to go.
Tell me how to do it.
5) 动词不定式用作定语:
如: Do you have anything to eat?
I have a lot of homnework to do this evening.
C.句型: had better do sth/ had better not do sth
What’s your trouble? / What’s the trouble?
What’s wrong with you? / What’s the matter with you?
I don’t feel well. /I am feeling terrible. / I don’t feel like eating.
There is something wrong with Kate.
Nothing serious.
You’d better stay in bed till tomorrow.
How long have you been like this? Ever since last night.
I’m sure of that.
I’m going to die.
Your temperature seems to be all right.
Have you taken your temperature?
1.I don’t feel well. 我觉得不很舒服。
   He felt glad at the words. 听了这话,他很高兴。
   Did you really feel ill this morning? 你今天早晨的确感到不舒服吗?
   I feel comfortable in that chair. 做那把椅子很舒服。
  此外,表示身体状还可以用feel fine, feel all right;don’t feel well/fine/all right,feel sick,feel ill, feel bad, feel terrible等。
 2.You’d better stay in bed. 你最好卧床。
  had better“最好去做某事”,是一种建议,后接动词原形。如:
  You’d better see a doctor at once. 你最好马上去看看一生。
  You’d better not ask him about it. 你最好不去问他这件事。
 3.Lie sown and have a rest. 躺下,休息一会儿。
  这是一个祈使句。祈使句表示请求,命令,号召等意思, 谓语动词用原形,否定句多用don’t引起。如:
  Have a good trip. 一路顺风。
  Have some noodles or porridge. 吃些面条获悉犯。
  Fill in the thermos with hot water. 灌一下热水瓶。
  Don’t stand in the rain. 不要站在雨地里。
  Don’t put the teapot over there. 不要把茶壶放在那里。
4.His temperature seems to be all right. 它的体温好像正常。
  seem“似乎,好像”的意思, 是系动词,后面跟形容词,也可跟不定式。如果不定式是to be加形容词,则to be有时可省去。如:
  He seems (to be) quite happy. 他似乎很开心。
  He seems (to be) rather tired. 他好像很累。
  This maths problem seems more difficult than that one. 这道数学题比那道似乎要难些。
  He didn’t seem to enjoy herself at the party. = She seemed not to enjoy herself at the party.
  还有It seems/seemed that…句型.如:
  His temperature seems to be all right. 它的体温似乎很正常.
  It seemed that she didn’t get on well with her classmates. 她似乎与同学相处不好.
5.Ever since last night. 从昨晚开始的.
  ever since 从那以后(一直), 句中采用连续性动词.如:
  He went to America in 1980 and has lived there ever since.
  I began to work in this factory in1989 and has worked there ever since.
  ever since 后边也可以加一个表示时间的名词,表示从这一时刻开始延续至今的动作。如:
  He has lived in America ever since 1980. 他从1980年以来一直住在美国。
  I have worked in that factory ever since 1989. 我从1989年以来一直在那个工厂工作。
 6.Shall I keep him away from school? 我是否要不让他去上学。
  keep…away from 使……不去沾惹,使……离开.如:
  My mother kept me from school yesterday. 妈妈昨天没让我去上学。
  We should keep children from fire. 我们要让小孩离火远些。
  The police are trying to keep everybody away from the burning building.
 7.Are you sure it’s nothing serious? 你肯定病情不严重吗?
  Did you see anything strange there? 你在那儿看见什么奇怪的事没有?
  It was something yellow. 那是种黄颜色的东西。
  Do you want to tell me something new? 你想告诉我什么新消息吗?
  Wait and I’ll show you something nice. 等等, 我给你看件好东西。
  This is nothing interesting. 这没什么意思。
  8.I am sure of that! 我肯定。
  be sure of 对……有把握 如:
  He is not sure of the word. 他对那个字没有把握。
  Are you sure of the time? 你能肯定那个时间吗?
  be sure +不定式表示说话人的一种要求,Don’t fail to go… 如:
  Be sure to tell me all the news. 务必告诉我所有的消息。
  Be sure to call to me as soon as you get there. 一到那儿务必给我打电话。
  be sure+that从句许多时候可与be sure +不定式替换。如:
  I’m sure that he will pass the exam. = He’s sure to pass the exam.
  I’m sure that you’ll get what you want. =You are sure to get what you want.
 9.Tom won’t feel well till it’s over. Tom要到足球赛结束后才会感到好的。
  They did not return home till (until) nine o’clock.
  I didn’t know it till (until) you told me. 直到你告诉我,我才知道。
  He didn’t go to bed till 11 o’clock last night. 昨晚他直到十一点才去睡。
  It didn’t start to rain till (until) I got home. 我到家后才开始下雨。
  We will not begin the party until everyone is here. 人到齐了我们才开会。
  10.I don’t feel like eating. 我不想吃东西。
  feel like后面加-ing形式,表示“想要做某事”。如:
  I feel like going to bed. 我想去睡觉。
  I don’t feel like going to the cinema. 我不想去看电影。
  Does anyone feel like eating anything? 有人想吃些东西吗?
  后面也可以加名词。 如:
  I feel like a cup of tea. 我想和杯茶。
  I feel like some fish and chips for supper. 晚饭我想吃些鱼加土豆条。
  It’s so hot. I feel like a swim. 天真热,我想去游泳。
  would like 与feel like的意思基本接近,但后面加不定式。如:
  He’d like to go out for a walk. 他想出门散散步。
  She’d like to have a good meal. 她想美美地吃上一顿。
  作为及物动词,意思是“损害,伤害”,长指 肉体上或精神上的伤害。如:
  Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. 别害怕,我不会伤害你的。
  He hurt his back when he fell. 他摔倒时背部受了伤。
  What shi said hurt me. (my feelings) 她的话伤害了我的感情。
  Does your leg still hurt? 你的腿还疼吗?
  MY shoes are too small and they hurt. 我的鞋太小,我的脚疼了。
 12.It is +形容词+(for sb.) to do…
  It是形式主语,如果要强调不定式动作的执行者,就在不定式前面加for sb.如:
  It will be all right for him to go to school. 他去上学是不会有问题的。
  It was easy for me to answer to answer the question. 回答那个问题对我来讲挺容易。
  在以某些形容词作表语时,不定式前for sb.常改为of sb., 这些形容词往往也可以修饰人,强调人的情况,常见的有:kind,nice,good,clever,foolish,wrong,rude,polite,carele
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